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Ajax , Whitby, Pickering, Oshawa

Sunny Safeway Silver Package

Ajax, L1S0G4, Ontario, Canada

May 13, 2022

from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM (EST)

Best Driving Instructor Oshawa Ajax – Sunny J. is the founder of Sunny Safeway Driving School. Sunny J.  driving...

Best Driving Instructor Oshawa Ajax – Sunny J. DrivingFounder

Silver G2 Driving Course Package with Flexible payments

Locations: Ajax , Whitby, Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby

Silver Package:

Silver G2 Driving Course Package Ajax Oshawa offers MTO-approved online Driving Courses, In-car Driving Lessons in Ajax, Oshawa Included with an Easy Payment Plan

Just Pay a $199 Initial Deposit and Register for MTO approved Online Course which is Beginner Driver Education (BDE) and then pay $40 for every hour of a driving lesson by an experienced driving instructor (10 Minimum Hours Required as per MTO)

Driving Course Package Silver G2 Inclusions:

  • Self-paced Online MTO BDE Course [Beginner driver education]
  • 10 hours of In-car driving lessons [Flexible as per your convenience]
  • Early road test booking
  • Road test duration reduced to just 8 months instead of the regular time of 12 months
  • Eligible for an insurance discount
  • Flexible payment plan

Price of the Driving Course (MTO Online Driving Course & Driving Lessons):

$599 [which Includes a $40 Certification fee +hst]

Sunny Safeway Driving School offers a flexible, easy payment plan so that there is no need to pay for the full driving course fee upfront. Just pay $199 upfront and the rest later with each driving lesson.

The driving Course Package from Sunny Safeway driving school is applicable for the following locations with the fastest early road test booking guidance for G2 and G road tests.

Our expert driving instructors have hands-on experience training drivers who are anxious driving learners.

In-car driving lessons are completely one-on-one with the driving instructor.

Sunny Safeway driving school vehicles are automatic.

All driving learners are trained on the following as well apart from the standard driving techniques

  • Lane Passing
  • Safe Passing
  • Handling Hazards
  • Night driving safety
  • Parallel parking skill
  • 3 Point turns
  • Collision avoidance technique
  • Safe and seamless highway driving

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FAQ about Driving School package Ajax Oshawa:

Yes, they can enroll for BDE through a driving school and it reduces the road test eligibility to 8 Months For all courses offered by Sunny Safeway Driving School

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