What is the BDE Course Online?  Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) in Ontario, Canada.


Residents of Ontario, Canada from the age of 16 and above can move forward obtaining a driving license by first writing the Ontario G1 license by visiting a  test Drive Test location. The G1 test is a written test of 40 questions in which you need to select the best answer from multiple choice provided answers. Half of the questions are based on road signs and the other half are based on rules of the road and the vision test will also be there as part of the standard G1 Test.


BDE Eligibility:

After you pass the G1 Test, you must hold your G1 license for 1 year, however, you can reduce the time to 8 months if you get yourself enrolled in MTO approved Driving School or Driver Training Program and appear for your drive test for the G2 License and you may be eligible for an insurance discount.


A beginner driver education program approved by the MTO can teach you the skills required to be a safe driver. The main focus of the course is on road safety and preparing students for their road tests.


BDE Online Course:

Beginner driver education is now available Online for the 20 hours in-class component, making it easier for you to learn without visiting a physical driving school premises,.


The main area focus of the BDE online course is on road safety and preparing you for the road tests. The basis for the course is MTO Driver’s Handbook.


You’ll learn the best driving skills through a mixed variety of methods, including video presentations and classroom discussions.


How to Enroll in BDE?

How to register for BDE i.e Beginner Driving Online Course in Ontario, Canada?


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