MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course is generally offered in three ways

  1. Physical Classes at a driving school
  2. Online Classes through Skype or other software
  3. Self-Paced BDE eLearning

Physical Class:

To use this channel, you do need to enroll and attend a driving school that provides physical classes

Online Classes

Here the instructors of driving teach you the course through scheduled Video conferencing and you have to make yourself available at the date and time of the classes

Self-Paced BDE eLearning

Self-paced eLearning lets you complete the BDE course at any time of your choice, be it morning, afternoon, evening, or night and you decide how many course duration you want to complete in a session.

Sunny Safeway Driving School provides the option of Self Paced eLearning where students can enroll by paying an initial amount of $199 and then pay $50 for every In-car lesson.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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    Student Reviews

    Dany H Avatar
    Dany H
    04 Jan 2022 - Google
    I recently moved to Canada and I have been driving for many years, but driving in Canada is a bit... read more
    A C Avatar
    A C
    04 Jan 2022 - Google
    Sunny is very professional. The charges are very competitive. I just needed a lesson to refresh the rules for my... read more
    Karen Gordon Avatar
    Karen Gordon
    28 Dec 2021 - Google
    Sunny is an amazing driving instructor. He was a true professional that inspired confidence and prepared... read more
    Sophonie Pierre Louis Avatar
    Sophonie Pierre Louis
    28 Dec 2021 - Google
    I don't have lot experience driving, but Sunny is the best instructor that I had. I practiced with him for... read more
    Kinjal Jadav Avatar
    Kinjal Jadav
    28 Dec 2021 - Google
    The instructor, Sunny is very good at teaching how to drive. He is also very encouraging and gives the best... read more
    Krystal Persaud Avatar
    Krystal Persaud
    15 Dec 2021 - Google
    I am beyond thankful for choosing Sunny Safeway Driving School to do my G Test. I don’t think I would... read more
    Adriano Scheffer Avatar
    Adriano Scheffer
    11 Dec 2021 - Google
    My instructor was very polite and everything he told me was extremely helpful. I passed my road test on my... read more
    tiffany sukhu Avatar
    tiffany sukhu
    11 Dec 2021 - Google
    I recommend sunny. He is very flexible, intuitive and helpful.
    Myko Ico Avatar
    Myko Ico
    11 Dec 2021 - Google
    I highly recommend Sunny. He responds quickly, and communication was easy. 45 minute class, covered all aspects of the test,... read more